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The Magic in Always Adding Value

Elijah RubinI had to update everyone on how the San Diego Paid-cation went. I was able to meet with the wonderful Mary, however when I got there her granddaughter told me that she didn’t want to do the deal or to see me. I was a little thrown off by this as I had talked with her earlier and she said to come by, so I went ahead and knocked on the door- and there was my dear lady welcoming me in with open arms. She said that her granddaughter was a little upset with her as grandma wasn’t going to give her any more money from the proceeds of selling me the property so she was just acting out for the most part. Mary told me that she was having a hard time trying to get around to her doctors appointments , to the grocery stores, etc, as no one is helping her out with getting around – she’s 90 years old. So before I came down I went online and found a designated private driver service for the San Diego area and negotiated a flat fee service account for her so she will have the freedom to call the service that I set up for her to get around on her own time without having to depend on those around her. She was so happy that I set that up for her as she is a sharp, independent women and this option just empowered to come and go as she pleased. The neighbor in Phoenix that lives next to the subject property that I was trying to buy from Mary offered her 7k more then what I was offering, but thanks to the Human Capital that I established by adding value to Mary’s life by setting up her own driver secured the deal for me. She told them no and went ahead and signed off on my contract. Plus she told me in a couple of months that she will be open to selling her house in San Diego to me once I perform on the house out here in Phoenix. With all my relationships and clients, I always look for ways for me to add value – I was a lot more valuable to her outside of just buying her house as I found a way to positively impact her life when I’m no longer around.

The Power of Relationships

Wiin Wholesale PropertiesI have a deal on 32nd st and Osborn that I’m closing this Friday on. The seller is a wonderful, elderly lady who has rented this property out to her deceased husband’s workers. Due to the renters’ relationship with her husband, she has under-rented the property for many years and now she wants to sell and travel for several months like she always wanted to. I agreed to buy the property at 35k and cover the HOA back fees up to 3k. However I wasn’t aware of how much they charge for their HOA transfer fees and because I’m doing a double close of escrow that means there will be double the cost. I tried to put it out there and it wasn’t moving at the 45k price (which includes a lot of the HOA fees and closing cost for my end buyer). After putting out my normal marketing for two weeks and not getting a lot of solid offers, I decided to reach out to my relationships as I have been doing wholesaling in the valley for the last 7 years so I have a lot of contacts out there. I reached out to one of my guys who is like an online guru when it comes to marketing and e-mail blasts. I gave him some exclusive time to blast out my deal, we changed the price and the wording a little bit and within 48 hours had it sold. He doesn’t have as much experience in dealing with all types of buyers and the various personality traits that I do. The buyer was asking 1 million and 98 questions but I was able to answer them for him and walk him through the worst case scenarios and best case scenarios and he had an investor that he uses to talk with who happens to know me and said nothing but great things about my commitment to follow-through and how good I am with keeping solid communication. Once I had that co-sign from a separate relationship that I haven’t talked to in years, he then played a direct role in the new relationship that I was creating with this new buyer. You never know who knows who out there, so I never underestimate or talk down to people. Always try to add value to those you come in contact without expecting anything in return and watch your blessings start to multiply in your life.